About NewSeat

NewSeats are 100% Recyclable

We at NEWSEAT.com developed disposable, customizable seat covers because we care about your comfort, health and life experiences. The seat covers were designed to shield you from the various unknown elements in the public seating environment. While you watch the latest blockbuster at the theatre, travel across the country for business or pleasure, attend a professional conference or seminar, relax, knowing that your seat is a NEWSEAT.com!

While NEWSEAT.com recognizes the need and purpose of personal seating solutions, we also see exciting opportunities this product offers advertisers and the promotional products industry. Have your company logo or message imprinted on NEWSEAT.com covers and instantly have a high impact means to advertise, promote or educate. Consider a typical New York to Los Angeles flight – you now have 5 hours to “sell” your message to the passengers seated behind the NEWSEAT.com user!! Consider the possibilities – we can!